Would you use a leather strap for your Apple watch?


After the launch of Apple Watch, many merchants have also launched exquisite watch straps for everyone to use as a daily match.

Strap material Hermes has new straps every year/generation, and many people may not pay attention to the type of leather. There are two types of straps that Hermès provides to Apple: Barénia leather and Swift leather.
Barénia leather is the most classic, most common, and resident brown strap in every generation. There is only one color of brown (there is also a sandalwood color with a folding buckle, which is an alternative). It can be said that it is the Hermes version of Apple Watch represented. The characteristic is that there is no coating on the surface, and the texture is very, very soft and comfortable. So that if you go to the small yellow croaker to buy a watch strap, you don't even need to worry too much about the problem of fakes, because if you want to achieve the same cost of texture, it is probably not worth a fake. Basically, you can touch the texture in front of the courier. You can know if it's true or not. The disadvantage of the strap is that there are no other colors, and the second is that it is really fragile, very, very, very easy to get dirty and difficult to take care of. Because there is no coating protection, the fingernail will be a mark when it is drawn, which is not bad, because this kind of mark will usually go down after a touch. What's more terrible is that once it comes into contact with water, it is easy to leave permanent marks on the white stitches, which will not disappear even if the water dries. So if you choose Barénia, you either care about protecting it very much, or you simply treat it with the attitude of "the traces of the years".

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