Traces of time - no longer worry about leather protective Part two


Let's talk leather protective part two



Water-dyed leather, waxed cowhide

Water dyeing refers to a process. It refers to the cowhide that is not painted and embossed in the later stage, maintains the natural leather texture, and is directly finished after dyeing and fixing. The quality is good, the leather is good, and the feel is good. Can make gloves, clothing, bags, etc.

Features: clear skin texture, strong three-dimensional sense, smooth feel

(Handmade water-dyed crocodile leather card bag wallet)
Features: The surface of waxed leather is not decorated, but only dyed. After waxing and water polishing, the surface of the leather is clear, with strong three-dimensional effect and smooth hand feeling.

Maintenance: Water-dyed leather and waxed leather are uncoated leather, which are easy to absorb water and stains, and the color is more prominent. When wearing, pay attention to avoid water stains or other stains, keep the leather surface clean, and avoid rain.



Nubuck is the polishing of the leather surface and abrasion of grain scars or rough fibers.
The first layer or second layer of leather, which exposes the neat and even moist leather fiber structure and then dyes it into various popular colors, is a matte corroded leather, similar to frosted glass.

Features: A kind of cowhide used after polishing a layer of surface, the surface of the leather is suede effect.
Maintenance: Avoid scratches and oil stains on hard objects, use a soft brush to lightly brush the surface, and use sandblasting powder to take care of it.


Snake leather

Snake-grain cowhide was originally developed in Italy. The cowhide coating is printed and filmed, and then painted and embossed to form a snake-scale pattern, so the correct name should be called snake-grain cow leather. Available in snake-grain cow leather and snake-grain sheepskin.

Features: The cowhide coating adopts the printing and filming process, and then paints and embosses to form a snake scale pattern. At present, there are two kinds of snake-grain cow leather and snake-grain sheep leather.

Maintenance: Maintenance is easier, use leather brightener to maintain it to prevent hardening.


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