The importance of leather handbag maintenance


Leather needs maintenance, which is equivalent to women’s focus on skin care. All leather is made of animal skin and contains natural oils. With longer use and more times, the oil content will decrease, which will lead to cracks and even color loss. 

Just as dry skin and oily skin need different skin care products, different leathers have corresponding maintenance methods. Handbags often have leathers such as cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin, as well as precious leathers such as crocodile skin, lizard skin and snake skin.

Different dyeing methods
Leather is divided into spray color, water dyed and rubbed color. Depending on the dyeing method of the leather, the maintenance method is very different. About 90% of the handbags on the market are spray-colored leather, which is not easy to absorb water stains, and is easy to maintain daily. It is suitable for most skin creams; while water-stained leather and rubbed leather are retained to the pores, original texture and texture of the leather. Hand feel, water stains are easier to penetrate into the skin layer, wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel

Distinguish between real and fake leather
The dermis contains protein, which is easier to mold after oxidation. If it is short of oil, it will crack at most and will not fall off; if the fake leather is used for a long time and oxidized, it will fall off in pieces. In addition, the surface of the genuine leather is covered with many pores, which has high air permeability and softness. The back of the fake leather is covered with leather; while the back of the fake leather is covered with cloth, there will also be a burst of plastic chemical smell.

Distinguish between the first layer of skin and the second and third layer of skin
A piece of leather can be divided into three to five layers at most. Generally, luxury brand handbags use the first layer of leather, which is more flexible and has a higher rebound after bending; while the second and third layers of leather are relatively inferior in quality. Leather, flexibility and resilience will be relatively low.

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