Lussoloop - 社會弱小扶助計劃(香港)

Lussoloop作為香港品牌, 我們成立新的計劃希望為香港的弱小提供關注, 為香港的弱小出一分力. 我們希望透過品牌授權,授權生活有困難的人士代出售品牌的全線產品, 當中的大部份利潤將屬於計劃合作人, 即代理者以幫助他們自力更生.

我們會發放產品資料到代理人, 他們只需要發放在網上透過自然網絡流量, 當有客人購買時, Lussoloop會代為寄出商品, 而代理人不需進人任何動作, 以利潤大部份將會發放到代理人, 而計劃屬自願性質, 不會有商業壓力.

我們希望受助代理通過簡單動作可以為生活帶來額外的收入, 從而減輕生活壓力.
Lussoloop - Support Program for the Disadvantaged (Hong Kong)

As a brand in Hong Kong, Lussoloop has established a new program to provide attention to Hong Kong's underprivileged and make a contribution to Hong Kong's underprivileged. We hope that through brand licensing, we can authorize people who have difficulties in life to sell a full range of Lussoloop brand products, and most of the profits will go to program partners who help them become self-reliant.
Mainly for
- housewife
-Disabled group

The planned direction is
We will distribute product information to agents, they only need to distribute online through natural network traffic, when a customer purchases, Lussoloop will send the product on behalf of the agent, and the agent does not need to take any action, so most of the profit will be Will be issued to agents, and the program is voluntary and there will be no commercial pressure.
We hope that assisted agents can bring extra income to life through simple actions, thereby reducing the pressure of life.

Interested parties can Indox or email to:
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