Traces of time - no longer worry about leather protective Part one


Leather shoes, leather bags, belts, leather wallets, leather clothing...Many people like to wear leather goods and leather goods. They feel that leather goods are fashionable and full of texture, but when using leather goods, they also need to do a good job of maintenance to keep them new for a long time. status. Different leathers have different maintenance methods. Don't think that all leather goods are maintained in the same way. This is impossible.

How to maintain leather goods? If you can pay attention to the methods in maintenance, you can get twice the result with half the effort. What are the precautions for leather goods maintenance?



top layer cowhide

As the name suggests, the top layer of cowhide is the epithelium of the bovine body. Its surface has original skin characteristics and is composed of a fibrous layer similar to villi and a slightly loose transition layer that is closely connected with the fibrous layer. ​​

Features: The first layer of cowhide refers to the cowhide on the surface of the cow, which has a certain degree of water resistance, wear resistance, high gloss, and uniform skin color. It is widely used in the manufacture of various leather products.

Maintenance: Avoid scratches on hard objects, wipe off the surface dust with a soft towel every two to three days, and wipe with leather oil, leather wax, etc.




Features: The calf's skin is precious because of its scarcity, high price, delicate texture, thinness and brightness.
Maintenance: Leather essential oil, leather wax, wipe off the surface dust with a soft towel.


lacquered cowhide

Lacquer cowhide, that is, aniline leather, and some pearl leather, etc. are also called so. This is a leather finishing process, and it is considered high-end in leather. Generally, the surface of patent leather is as smooth as lacquer, which is very bright.

Features: The surface is coated with high-brightness gloss paint or crystal paint, the leather surface is firm and the color is uniform, which is suitable for making popular fashionable leather goods.

Maintenance: To avoid scratches on hard objects and gravel, it can be wiped with a soft towel. There is no need to use leather essential oils and leather wax for nursing.


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