Aging Gracefully with Barenia Leather


Barenia is a rare, high-quality calf leather that’s been used by Hermès’ equestrian division for a long time, but that first appeared in the Hermès handbag collections in the 1970s. If you haven’t heard of it before, or want to refresh your knowledge, Lussloop s got you covered!

Barenia is special for two main reasons. It’s one of Hermès’ original saddle leathers—for all of the background on Hermès’ equestrian origins, read Hermès 101: Origins, Equestrians, and Aristocrats—and it requires a specific tanning process, which is know by only a small number of craftsmen. Barenia is double-tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes, and then soaked in a mix of 9 different oils over a 5-6 week process.
What does Barenia look like? Well, it has an incredibly smooth exterior, with just a hint of gloss, and its oil-absorbing material causes it to patina over time, which is a quality that the leather is famous for. With this material, a few finger rubs can remove fine scratches, though Barenia will develop more serious scratches more frequently than other leathers. Barenia has a waxy feel and a transparent finish (so you can see the veins and wrinkles of the hide!), and it darkens in the areas that are touched most often, becoming softer over time. Barenia is durable, water-resistant, and age-friendly—although it may receive a few scuffs and patina over the years, it continues to look better and better.

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