Purchasing skills to teach you to choose the most suitable leather bag

Leather bags are processed, de-oiled, dried, and dyed into various colors of animal skins, and are made into various specifications of men's bags, women's bags, children's bags, various wallets and change by a professional handbag factory. package.

Types of leather bags

Leather bag

The pores on the surface of the cowhide are small, round, uniform and tightly distributed. The leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is plump and delicate, the appearance is smooth and soft, and the texture is tough and elastic to touch by hand.

Good air permeability, good water permeability and air permeability, large openings, fine pores, more orderly arrangement, smooth papillae, small displacement and smooth lines.

Deerskin bag

Deer skin is an important part of the sika deer products. It can be used as high-end car seat leather, sofa seat leather, leather shoes, leather jackets, etc., with a wide range of applications.

The deerskin bag is soft, strong, beautiful, light weight, waterproof, high temperature resistance up to 120 degrees, and better low temperature resistance.

Can also be used as medicine;

Sheepskin bag

The pores of the sheepskin grain are oblate and penetrate into the leather at an oblique angle. Clear pores. Several pieces are arranged in groups, arranged in scales or jagged.

The characteristic of this pattern is "water ripples".

Sheep leather is light, thin and soft. It is an ideal fabric for making leather garments. The clothes with exquisite patterns have soft and natural luster, light and soft, and full of elasticity, but the strength is not as good as cowhide and pigskin;

Crocodile leather bag

The charm of the crocodile leather bag lies in its natural gradient checkered pattern. Although it lacks elasticity, it has a very strong texture. As long as the crocodile leather is properly maintained, it will become brighter and more flexible.

It is quite difficult to obtain, dye and make crocodile skin. Therefore, crocodile skin can be called platinum in leather, which is known for its luxury and rareness;

Horse leather bag

The predecessor of the horse skin is very thin, and the fibers are loosely woven. The resulting leather is softer and has a flat texture. The back of the horsehide is thick and the fibers are tightly woven. It is woven from horsehide fiber, which is particularly firm, wear-resistant and waterproof. , The collagen fibers of the bottom skin and papilla layer are thinner, and the tightness of the weave is not as good as that of yellow leather;

Snake skin

The back is silver-gray, shiny, with diamond-shaped or oval scales.

There is a row of horizontally long oval scales on the ventral surface.

The inner surface is smooth and shiny.

Light and soft, easy to break.

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