Cats and Leather Sofas: Your Guide to Fixing All Those Scratches


Being a cat parent and a furniture lover can become challenging because the two don't match. At some point, your furry friend will want to grab something, and that's that gorgeous sofa.

Because cats scratch, they feel powerless; it's in their DNA. You won't be able to stop them from scratching your leather sofa, but the following guide will help you protect it more effectively.

Why do they scratch the furniture so much?
There are many reasons why cats scratch everything. One of the reasons is because it keeps their claws healthy.

Scratching can help your kitten get rid of the outer nail shell, something they must do regularly. However, that's not all. Scratching is also a gentle exercise, which is a good thing for any creature. This exercise can help your cat stretch, and you know cats need to stay soft.

Of course, scratching also helps cats mark their territory. When cats scratch, they comfort themselves a little.

You can't stop your cat from scratching. You shouldn't even try, so what can you do?

How to stop your cat from scratching your leather sofa?
People can teach cats to stay away from your pretty sofa, but it takes some work. The following guidelines will help prevent your cat from scratching your leather sofa and avoid your frequent need for furniture leather repair services:

grab post
The first thing you should do is get as many scratch pads as possible that make sense for your home. Make them fun, challenging and whimsical, but offer your cat many acceptable alternatives.

You'll also want to make sure the scratching post is made of a material your cat likes. Test the following until you find the one your cat likes:

chenille fabric
woven tapestry
location, location
It might be weird, but your scraps or the location of your posts can make a big difference.

they scratch near furniture
hang out
next to the sleeping area
unattractive sofa
There are a few things you can do to make your sofa unappealing; for example, you can use the worksheet method.

Do this long enough to encourage your cat to move to your scratch.

There are also scratch-resistant covers made of faux suede that look like leather, and you can use this material to cover your sofa until you're sure your cat is trained to stay away.

beautify post

You can make the column smell better by spraying it with catnip or some honeysuckle.

If your cat doesn't find the post, you'll have to figure out a way to get your cat to the post. The best way is to use a wand toy to bring your cat to the post.

You must do this a few times until your cat is familiar with the post; try to be patient.

Every once in a while, the cat can't help but keep scratching. Maybe they'll scrape your posts, but they'll also scrape your couch and anything they can find.

If you notice your cat scratching relentlessly, your cat may be feeling overly stressed. It might be a good idea to find a way to use a calming pheromone spray to help your cat relax.

Now you know how to protect your sofa in different ways. You can also use claw grips, but these are a bit uncomfortable and are a temporary solution.

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