Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your First Year


Still worrying about choosing Valentine's Day or anniversary gift? We've curated a selection of gifts for you to buy for your favorites.

Lussoloop Barenia Leather Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Lussoloop Barenia Leather Case with MagSafe protects your iPhone from drops and falls., it is sheathed in Barenia calfskin leather. This full-grain leather, the result of a very specific tanning process, is characterized by its silky touch and particularly transparent finish, highlighting its natural beauty. With careful use, your case will evolve and become darker, developing an elegant patina.

Lussoloop Swift calfskin Band for Apple Watch

The classic design. Handmade by artisans from supple Swift leather. Use stainless steel buckles with corrosion-resistant, The overall use of the most minimalist design, retaining the most practical and advanced materials

Lussoloop Brevità No.3 Black bag
NO.3 is mean for the bag can carry stuff for 3 hours
Brevità idea for a simple life with leathercraft, In Brevità No.3 have one large space with three slim pockets. simple design for 3 hours stuff all you need.

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